The company RIVERS REAL ESTATE mediates the sale and rental of real estate in premium locations. As real estate markets are evolving very quickly, clients now demand comprehensive real estate services – and we gladly follow suit. Apart from taking care of the lease of your property and finding a suitable tenant, we also offer a comprehensive PROPERTY MANAGEMENT service package which will relieve you of any worries you might have and save you time and money.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a comprehensive issue that includes the following:


  • Signing lease agreements and their prolongation on behalf of the property owner on the basis of a power of attorney.
  • Active communication with tenants.
  • Storage and protection of documentation and safe keeping of keys to the real estate.
  • Assistance in concluding an insurance contract.
  • Communication with the management company and energy suppliers regarding billing.
  • Regular and detailed reporting to the property owner.

Financial services

  • Collection of rent and related fees, compliance with binding payment deadlines according to valid contracts.
  • Records on the costs of maintenance and related services, utility bills.
  • Preparation of documents and registration with the relevant tax office.

Operations and technical management

  • Assistance in handing over the property to the tenant and taking it over after the end of the rental period - documented by the relevant protocols.
  • Regular property inspections during the lease period.
  • Mediating repairs and renovations upon the agreement with the property owner.
  • Mediating equipment repairs, managing emergency situations.
  • Mediating cleaning services after the end of the lease, ensuring the elimination of any defects.

If you own a property in Slovakia but live abroad, you are too busy, or you want to have everything to be taken care of, do not hesitate to contact us. RIVERS, s. r. o., Mudroňova 6, 811 01 Bratislava, tel.: +421 914 11 22 44, e-mail:,