Standard Service Package

Present your property at the level it deserves! If you decide to sell or rent out your property, we offer you a multitude of marketing benefits and quality services from brokers with years of experience.

Basic Services

Price Analysis

For all properties we list, we conduct an initial price analysis consisting of a detailed assessment of the property and setting its current market value accordingly.

Legal Service

We'll prepare comprehensive contractual documentation for you in accordance with current legislation, ensuring your utmost protection.

Payment of Basic Cadastral Fee

We'll handle the payment of the basic cadastral fee of 100 € on your behalf and ensure submission to the cadastre.

Offer Processing

3D Virtual Tour

Experience a 3D virtual tour of your property along with an interactive floor plan prepared by our team.

Professional Photography

Our professional photographers will capture stunning images of your property, and our marketing team will craft compelling ad text to attract potential buyers.

Basic Video Production

We'll produce a high-quality video showcasing the details of your property, ensuring a captivating presentation.


Listing on Top Real Estate Portals

Your property will be showcased on the most visited real estate portals. We continuously assess the most effective advertising platforms to ensure a swift sale.

Social Media Promotion

Leveraging all available resources for a successful sale, we'll feature your professionally presented property across all our social media platforms.

Property Branding with Advertising Banner

Upon your request, we'll strategically place a highly effective and prominently visible advertising banner on your property's premises.


In exclusive collaboration with us, you'll receive not only our top-tier standard service but also expanded care, accelerated processes, and premium marketing. We're dedicated to providing you with the utmost level of service attainable in the realm of real estate. If you always strive for excellence and refuse to settle for anything less than the best, our RIVERS EXCLUSIVE service package is tailored for you. And the best part? At RIVERS REAL ESTATE, you'll get superior service for less.

Premium Services

Discounted Commission Rate for Our Services

Opting for exclusive collaboration ensures that you receive our highest level of service at a lower cost compared to non-exclusive partnerships.

Payment of Expedited Cadastral Fee

Included in our service package is the expedited registration in the cadastre, valued at 300 €, ensuring a faster transfer of ownership.

Property Management

Opt for our supplementary service, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, when leasing your property, relieving you of any property-related concerns.

Exclusive Offer

Expanded Video Production

Experience a state-of-the-art video presentation of your property, enhanced with drone footage, ensuring the highest quality production.

Home Staging

We'll aesthetically prepare your property for sale, creating a homely atmosphere. Properly executed home staging can increase property value by up to 10% and shorten selling time by half.

Regular Detailed Reports

As your property will be exclusively represented by us, you'll receive regular detailed reports on inquiries and feedback from potential buyers until a successful sale.

Premium Marketing

Newsletter Inclusion

We'll feature your property in our regular newsletter sent to over 6000 potential clients.

Featured Placement

Your property advertisement will be prominently positioned on premium spots across major real estate portals and on the homepage of RIVERS REAL ESTATE under the "Property of the Week" section.

Showcase in Sky Park and on Castle Hill

Your property will be showcased in the window display at the prestigious addresses in Sky Park and on Castle Hill.