Ing. Martina Kainová

Every client is unique for me and will be provided by the above standard services.

I studied at the University of Economics in Bratislava, the field Finance, Banking and Investment. I started my active career in the mortgage loan financing 15 years ago. Processing and providing the mortgage loans has always been closely connected to the real estates and the requirements for financing different types of the real estates. During the mentioned period I had several opportunities to cooperate on some developer projects and was included into the process of construction and the consecutive real estate sale to the clients.

Joining the services related to the real estates with the mortgage services enables me to experience the dynamics of their connection, new trends and the changes in the requirements of clients when buying the real estate at home or abroad. 

The years of cooperation with the clients have taught me, how important is to support the clients by high expertise, professionalism and experience with solving non-standard requests, as well as understandable communication, correct and human approach. 

My priority is to find the best solution for the clients with regard on their requirements and needs. I am looking forward to being the part of RIVERS REAL ESTATE team and help clients comprehensively to realize their intention of purchasing, saling and renting the real estates in Slovakia and abroad, as well. 

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