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Bratislava - Nové Mesto ID: 489344
Construction start: 2. Q. 2020
Construction end: 1. Q. 2022
State: in construction

List of apartments

Number Floor Rooms Usable area Total area Terrace Price Type State
RD10 0 4 243.5 m2 279.8 m2
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Mgr. Michal Zub, RSc.
I always try to be consistent at work. The equation of success cannot be completed without consistency.

About the project

Koliba Gardens is a residential project in one of the most beautiful parts of Bratislava on a sunny plot surrounded by the gardens of family houses. This project capitalizes on the advantages of an exceptional location, quality architecture and high standards of living. It meets the expectations of living in a premium location - comfort, luxury, privacy, birds singing and fragrant air near the Carpathian nature, but also vicinity of city center. The Koliba Gardens project is the ideal concept to fully integrate interior and exterior life, which creates a sense of maximum privacy. The complex consists of ten houses which are designed to make each of them a separate living space. Architects have created private atriums, so grilling on the patio and children's or dog playing in the garden will not encourage neighborly curiosity. Intimacy and tranquility are also underlined by the private road across the plot, which is lower than the level of the main living floor and garden.

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